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Unveiling our new command center trailer at Ottertail this weekend!!

Posted: 1/4/2023

Unveiling our new command center trailer at Ottertail this weekend!!
As we had mentioned earlier this year we partnered with Capitol Renegade & inTech Trailers on a new replacement command center trailer for the series.
Over the past two years running two trucks, two goosenecks, and then other trucks and trailer for support equipment we needed to make some changes...
We sold one of the older trucks and both gooseneck trailers (scoring and tech) then worked with the architects from inTech for about 4 months on how we wanted it laid out and since the other trailers were almost 10 years old upgrade equipment for more efficient equipment.
Here are few a quick items:
  • Gooseneck upper portion is now the scoring and announcer booth, they are completed separate from the main portion by a door so they can focus on their portion of the event
  • Main portion of trailer in the front section is CTech cabinet inserts for all the tech crew and their equipment, they also have a fold down bench that can be moved outside for setting up for pre and post tech
  • Clothing area is in middle of the trailer, it has a built in display wall and then cubby storage for better organization for items in stock
  • Wireless internet, we worked with a vendor with the locations of our races on a system that should allow us to offer live timing/scoring, better service for posting results, and the much needed service for the new media staff to provide interviews and daily content from the events for better fan interaction
  • Internal lift and attic storage, this enables us to eliminate the need of two trailers to haul all of our equipment
  • LED outdoor lighting, the new outdoor lighting is on three sides of the trailer so this will dramatically improve visibility around the trailer in the mornings for pre tech
There is much much more that went into this build, this is a direct reflection of our commitment to improving the series and growing our fan base interaction from our events.
When you come into the trailer to look at clothing or needing to talk to officials, please enter through the double rear doors.
Ali, Todd, Jay, or Nick will be able to help with whatever your questions are and if it is scoring related, they will take the concerns to the scoring personnel in their office.
We can not thank the staff at Capital Renegade, inTech trailers, and of course our friends at 139designs who absolutely killed it on the graphics!!
Chris and his staff have long been supporters of the series and many of our racers, we supplied them with the blueprints of the trailer and they created a new design for the trailer and printed it without ever seeing the trailer. Over the past month we had a heated rental shop near us that Todd did the graphics install which took close to 60 hours and was completed on Christmas Day.
There is alot of new crew this year added to backfill some open roles and some new positions created for the upcoming race season.
If you have not seen it yet Haley uploaded a quick video on our TikTok page this morning Cor PowerSports on TikTok
See everyone in Ottertail in a few days and make sure to stop by and check out the new command center!

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