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Pine Lake postponed

Posted: 12/31/2021

Pine Lake postponed

 The Gerald Dyrdahl Pine Lake Memorial race has been postponed until January 8-9, 2022. We appreciate all the support from everyone involved as we worked through this situation.

 Many speculations behind the delay have been posted on various social media platforms so I have decided that we need to explain in detail how this decision ultimately came to be:

 With all of our event permit applications we have to also have a Covid Protocol in place if there is a positive case or exposure and how we would handle the situation; in addition to including this with our event permits to state and local agencies we also have to include this for a few of our sponsors.

 We were notified one crew member had a family member test positive for Covid and our protocol requires the affected crew member quarantine, recently CDC changed those requirements from 10 days to 5 so this member was advised to not attend the Jan 1-2 event.

 Wednesday evening a person living in my home tested positive, we immediately called 5 Star Promotions to notify them of this and placed calls with ISR. After these conversations we had a second test to confirm this was not a false positive, which it was not. We then again spoke to ISR and discussed what our options are as this affected 5 more crew members and 4 were required to quarantine. Due to liability with insurance and risk of future permits if we violate our own Covid protocols, we called 5 Start Promotions again to inform them of the guidance we were given, unfortunately it was not just something we could fix by bringing in outside personnel to run the event due to potential labilities if something was to happen.

 We are now working with ISR on policies for this same scenario for future as many roles that needed to be backfilled for this weekends event had to have ISR training. As a group we have backups in place, but how this situation unfolded with the holidays many of us were together.

 This is a scenario that was worst case scenario for Covid and revealed an issue that we are now addressing for future events and having back ups to the back ups.

 As we all work through this new world of restrictions, I know first hand gut reactions are always upsetting but ultimately we had to make a decision that protected not only future events, venues, sponsors, racers, and fans but also the series and being able to pull permits from government agencies.

 I hope everyone has a safe New Years and will still be coming to future events, we all need to work together for the future of cross country racing.

Todd Myers

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