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It is a sad day....

Posted: 3/16/2021

It is a sad day....

Well not the news I wanted to share; update from Whitecap Mountain: warm temperatures have caused too much damage to the snow pack...

I have talked to numerous other venues and similar reports of massive snow loss

Our season is over...

Not what I envisioned but grateful we got 4 great events considering we have been doing all we could the past 5 months to get these 4 events in! We brought the national series to some new markets, received a ton of exposure for our sponsors and racers, and have a lot of excitement for the 21/22 season.

We are going to try and do a banquet but we are waiting to hear back from potential venues and what their updated covid restrictions are for banquets.

This was not an easy decision and one I had hoped to not be forced to make but Andrea and I discussed this in depth this weekend and really have no other choice due to Mother Nature

Since we got 4 races in we will have one throw out, we came into the season saying we would have a throw out race so we need to stick to that.

We are going through points and working on a banquet venue where we can all gather together.

We are extremely grateful for our sponsors support this season, without their help we would not have even gotten 4 races in!

Andrea and I want to recognize our crew for a great first year as the national series, we had a number of new personnel and equipment and we kept improving throughout the season. Each and everyone of the crew members are just as devasted as our fans and members that the season ends this way.


Todd & Andrea Myers

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