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Goodridge / Grygla I500 racer tracking!!

Posted: 2/5/2023

Goodridge / Grygla I500 racer tracking!!

It is Goodridge / Grygla I500 week!!

We are excited to announce after doing a test with a event tracking vendor at the Heartland 200 we will be running these trackers on ALL racers at the I500.

This tracker operated with great results in Park Rapids two weeks ago even at the -21 temps we saw on Sunday, the tracker is much smaller than the units we tested with last year and provided information faster than previous units.

This new tracker is 1.25” x 1.5” x 3” and was very user friendly, we placed the trackers in tunnel bags, pockets, and windshield compartments and in all locations still were able to receive accurate information in the command center trailer.

With this addition we need racers to get signed up right away as the company will be building racer profiles for your assigned tracker, the following information will be added to your racer profile on the tracker event page:

  • Name
  •  Race Number
  •  Brand
  •  Class(es)
  •  List 3 sponsors
  •  Country flag
  •  Hometown

These trackers can be set to update at 30-60 second intervals, this week we will be onsite early to GPS both the north and south lop then the tracker provider will upload that GPS map into the event page. They will be creating virtual checkpoints which will provide course officials a much better update on racer locations between spotters and help identify riders that are not moving on course much faster.


We need your help to get registrations in right away so the vendor can start creating the racer profiles for the event page.


Get signed up today at!

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