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21/22 memberships and series update

Posted: 8/27/2021

21/22 memberships and series update


With Hay Days just two weeks away we are busy finishing off things for the event, today we have updated the website for the Cor Racer Handbook and rider numbers as of today; riders in green are paid in full and up to date, grey is reserved numbers until Oct 1, and if a number is not listed it is available.

IF you have a duplicate number with another rider, we highly suggest you pick a new number this season; duplicate numbers will be phased out and each rider will have a number unique to them. If you do have a duplicate number with someone else priority will go by class (Pro, Semi Pro, Sport, Specialty classes). If you have a letter designation there will still only be one person with this number, for example 4J; only one person will be given the number 4 and if you wanted to keep the J with the number that is your choice but 4 will be the number scoring and spotters will be looking for.

This change is 100% safety driven, at certain events all riders are on the course at one time. When looking for a downed or missing rider we can not afford a delay of trying to decipher which class or brand a number is assigned with. This also helps clean up the numbers as riders progress through the different classes, your number will be your number from day one as you advance in classes or add multiple classes to your day.

Red number plates and the number 1 are both reserved for the defending Pro Stock Champion from the previous season, red background and the #1 is not available to any other racer. The defending Pro Stock champion is not required to run either of these options but it is reserved for them to decide if they want to run it or not.

We are also working on other safety measures for events and hope to share that information soon.

Over the Hay Days event weekend, we will be doing random drawings for product giveaways from our sponsors and to get entered for these all you have to do is be a current paid 21/22 season member.


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