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2023 season Cor PowerSports update

Posted: 6/21/2022

2023 season Cor PowerSports update

Good afternoon everyone,

 This past weekend we heard that there are rumors floating around that we are selling and shutting down Cor PowerSports… We are doing the exact opposite!

 This all started a few months ago when we listed one of our trucks for sale and let people know we would be selling off the two gooseneck trailers, we are doing this as part of a new relationship with a series partner and in an effort to help reduce overhead costs.

  As many of you see first hand there is numerous worker shortages and we at Cor PowerSports had the same issues with filling certain full time season roles like driving the gooseneck trailers to and from every race, last season Todd drove both trailers to every round and with the future expenses appearing to stay similar we had to take steps to reduce this workload as well as lower our operating costs. We had two choices when project planning for the 2023 race season: Run as we have been and pass added expenses on to the racers or figure out how to cut costs. We chose the latter as with the current economy the last thing we want to do is raise prices!

 We started discussions with potential manufacturers and dealers and landed with Capital Renegade, Chad at Capital Renegade understands the needs in a trailer for racing as he himself races dirt track cars. We have been working with Capital Renegade for the past few months on trailer layout and with the help from inTech trailers designers the trailer is now going into production and should be here in September.

 Many have asked how buying a new trailer will reduce our operating expenses… We have eliminated the need for a second Class A driver, a second truck / trailer, insurance, maintenance, and operating costs of running two trucks.

 With that being said we also would like to announce that we have NOT raised fees for the 2023 season!

 We also have decided to open up the 2023 Cor PowerSports season membership today, the 2023 season schedule is in its final planning stages and the 7-8 races should be announced in July. We have also taken into consideration traveling expenses for the majority of our racers and have been working on a schedule to reduce travel expenses.

 As we enter our 12th season at Cor PowerSports we are continually working on improving the series for our sponsors, racers, and fans.

 We hope this helps clarify things for people that we are back for 2023!!



Todd & Andrea Myers

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