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2023 Rule touchpoint

Posted: 9/19/2022

2023 Rule touchpoint

As we close in on the end of September we wanted to send out this reminder that all returning members have until September 30 to retain their number, on October 1st all numbers will become available.

We also want to remind racers of the rule change for race numbers under the 2023 Cor PowerSports handbook Identification Numbers Pg 9:

  • Drivers must wear the race number assigned to them by the Cor PowerSports. It is the drivers’ responsibility to have their assigned race number on their back as well as on their machine and legible. Numbers that are not legible may not be scored.
  • All classes will be required to run white background with black numbers or black background with white numbers on both sides of snowmobile, on windshield ALL sleds must run Hi Viz yellow numbers.
  • Sleds with numbers deemed too hard to read by Cor PowerSports tech officials may be disqualified.
  • Red number plate backgrounds are reserved for the defending Pro Overall season champion. NO other racers will be allowed to run red number plate backgrounds.
  • The drivers’ assigned number must be displayed on both sides of the snowmobile hood or tunnel.
  • Your race number must ALSO be on the windshield facing forward. The number is to be in “Hi Viz Yellow” color for visibility, to aid officials for ease of identification. Windshield must be in place at start of race.

Over the past two season we have let racers run whatever colors they wanted with the rule that numbers that are not legible may not be scored.

We have had numerous sleds run colors that are not easily identifiable at a distance for scoring personnel or more importantly spotters, when there is a transponder issue scoring personnel need to be able to easily identify your rider number or when we are trying to locate a missing rider spotters need to be able to easily identify your rider number.

ALL machines will need hi vis yellow numbers on the windshield AND numbers on the sides of the hood or tunnel that are either white with black numbers or black with white numbers, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone in January at the Ottertail 100!!

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