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2023 ISR & Cor PowerSports rules update

Posted: 6/6/2022

2023 ISR & Cor PowerSports rules update

2023 ISR changes (changes for 2023 in blue script in ISR rule book)

Driver Protective Equipment

  • NOTICE: 2022 -2023 Snell approval code will be 2015. Due to supply chain issues Snell helmet standards will remain at 2015 for the 2022-2023 season. For the 2024 season the Snell code will be 2020. If competitors are successful in purchasing a 2020 Snell code helmet, they are highly encouraged to use it.

Cross Country Classes

  • All Factory 600 classes (Pro Factory, Semi Pro Factory, Pro Factory Women). Sled can be no earlier production, than 7 years from current model. Example 2024-sled must be produced after 2017. (Rule takes effect 2024 season)

Track and Traction

  • In Pro and Semi Pro 600, minimum track lug height is 1.25 inches with manufacture tolerance allowed. SPEC Tracks will be as follows: Camso Ripsaw, Ripsaw II, and Cobra as produced.

Frame and Body

  • Snow flap must be OEM molded snow flap  for the make and model as designated by the manufacture.

2023 Cor PowerSports Handbook changes (all updates highlighted yellow in handbook)

Fuel jug rule (Pg 13)

  •  New LC2 cans are different than LC can in rule; New LC2 cans have a larger vent so they flow at a higher right than the current LC can allowed
    • We will be modifying the fuel can rule to a diameter fuel hose and vent modification specifications for all LC, VP, etc style fuel jugs and not have it name the LC brand directly

DQ (Pg 17)

  • If you are disqualified from an event for a rule or on track in fraction you will NOT be allowed to use that race as a throw out

Cross Country Classes
 Pro Factory Vet 40+ (Pg 5)

  • Changed to Pro Vet 35+; drop Factory class rule and go to stock class rules, reduce to age 35 

Junior 8-12 Transition (Pg 6)

  • New for 2023 Junior 8-12 Transition- racers must be at least 8 years of age but not older than 12 at time of event. 
  • Class will be offered at select events where we run a shorter course i.e lake races, ski hills, etc
    • (See ISR Cross Country rule book for sled specifics.)

Points system

  • Each day will be full points (50 for 1st, 46 for 2nd, etc)
  • Combined time for the two days for overall (500, Park Rapids, etc)
  • Heads up races earn Single day points
    • 10 points for heads up qualifier race; 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc)
  • Bonus points
    • You run all scheduled races earn 25 points
  • DNF, DNF on day 1 you will receive points for on track position but no time, allowed to run on day 2 and start at back of class

Number plates (Pg 10)    going to a required number plate and number color (Has been a HUGE issue for scoring ladies...)

  • ALL racers required to run white numbers with black background or black numbers on white background
  • Hi Vis Yellow required on ALL windshields


  • Jumping the start (Heads up races)
    • Rider will be assessed a 15 second time penalty
  •  Delaying the start (Timed races)
    • If rider does not start within 5 seconds of given the green flag their time will be manually started (riders were waiting 15-20 seconds to go to get a clear track)

Class Advancement (Pg 17)

  • If a rider wins a class championship in Sport or Semi Pro divisions you have the following season to defend that championship, finish top 3 the second season and then bumped up to next division. (takes effect immediately, 2022 class champions can defend their championship for 2023 season)
  • To move down a division a rider must submit in writing a request to Cor PowerSports stating the reasons they feel that they should be allowed to drop down a division. This will be a decision made by the Cor PowerSports race director, if you drop down a division without approval you will be disqualified and forfeit any entry fees, points, or purse money earned in the lower division.

Reinforce the orange clothing requirements
Reinforce refuel procedures
Reinforce pre-running course
Unsportsmanlike Conduct policy
Added clarification on ejection from race site (racer, crew member, etc)
Added Code of Conduct policy
Clarification of “Improved Stock” rules

2023 schedule and membership information will be posted in the next few weeks!

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