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ERX Event info update

ERX Event info update

Our ERX Motor Park event in 3 weeks has been a big topic of conversation over the past few weeks, we have spent the past few months working on a course and logistics for an awesome 10 mile traditional xc style race BUT mother nature has not been playing nice...

Last week most areas of MN saw 12" or more of snow but ERX received only 1" and warm temps last weekend at the track melted majority of what natural snow was left...

We just got back from our meeting with ERX Motor Par...k management and grounds crew to discuss options and we came up with 3:

Plan A is the full 10 mile course as laid out if there is enough snow.

Plan B is use TORC track & SnoX track areas (approx 3 mi course) if we get some snow, TORC track is slim right now for snow and ERX crew can move snow for the transition areas to connect these two tracks.

Plan C is a last resort and to utilize the man made snow on site and make a Super Enduro style course in snox track area that is approx 1 mile in length.

The race will be a 1 day event now, Saturday Feb 17 and about a week prior to the race we will make a decision to which course we will be moving forward with.

The format will be adjusted depending on course design but we will be doing everything in our power to provide a safe fun race environment!

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