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 MESC event classes updated [3/6/2018] 
MESC event classes updated

We have been fielding questions about our 800 classes and where the 850's fit in; we have adjusted our classes to follow suit with RMSHA for cc and will now be 900 Stock and Mod for Hillclimb and Hill X.

In XC we bumped Trail class up to 800's this ...


 ERX Event update [2/12/2018] 
ERX Event update

As we shared yesterday weather changes this ...


 ERX Event flyer! [2/6/2018] 
ERX Event flyer!

11 days until the Cor PowerSports xc races at ERX Motor Park on Feb 17!!

A lot of work and effort is going into this Cor PowerSports race at ERX Motor Park Feb 17!!

We will be ...


 ERX Event info update [1/30/2018] 
ERX Event info update

Our ERX Motor Park event in 3 weeks has been a big topic of conversation over the past few weeks, we have spent the past few months working on a course and logistics for an awesome 10 mile traditional xc style race BUT mother nature has not been playing ...


 Phillips Winterfest race details & map! [1/17/2018] 
Phillips Winterfest race details & map!
This will be our 7th year running races in conjuction with the Phillips WinterFest and our friends at Birch Island Resort in Phillips, WI.

Made some changes to course layout last year and racers really enjoyed them so this year we took ...

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