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 Winter Storm at Blackjack Ski Resort!! [3/31/2018] 
Winter Storm at Blackjack Ski Resort!!
Blackjack Ski Resort is currently under a Winter Storm Advisory, 6-10 inches of lake effect snow today!

With the race less than one week away and temps in the forecast to hover right around 30 degrees conditions will be the best we have ...

 4 days left to register for MESC Blackjack!! [3/29/2018] 
4 days left to register for MESC Blackjack!!

We connected with the grooming crew from Blackjack Mountain yesterday and snow reports are excellent, with no spring thaw they report this is the best conditions we have ever had for the MESC event!

With the event 8 days ...


 MESC Blackjack information [3/25/2018] 
MESC Blackjack information

With 12 days until Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge (MESC) at Blackjack Ski Resort we have been receiving a lot of questions in regards to the event.

Everyone will need to use a transponder for electronic scoring; we have a limited number of rental ...


 Blackjack Conditions update [3/20/2018] 
Blackjack Conditions update
17 days out until the opening round of the 2018 MESC series & Rd 6 of the Cor PowerSports xc race season!!

We talked with the groomer operator today and snow is holding up great, even areas we have never been able to run the past 3 ...

 Cor PowerSports / MESC Blackjack Event [3/7/2018] 
Cor PowerSports / MESC Blackjack Event

 With most series over or just coming into their last event Cor PowerSports and Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge (MESC) are just hitting their mid-season stride!

 30 days out is the ...


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